New Design 2

Here's another one. I placed on a coffee mug. Kinda old school. Great for Grandma!

New Design

I was at my dad's house this week and he just happened to have photoshop on his computer. I got bored and made a couple of new designs. Enjoy!

Barack Obama Shirt

This is the female one. I also have a male one. I plan to make more items with this picture and phrase on it.

New “I’m A Vixen” Logo

Loveshine Collection

Pink Hearts Mousepad

I made this a couple of days ago. Great for Valentine’s Day!

What is Mind of a Vixen?

Mind of a Vixen is my store on Zazzle. It started out as something to pass the time that started to get way out of hand. I worked really hard on these items, and I hope you like them. Maybe enough to buy some of them. I will be posting items up here all the time, so stay tuned!!!